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Unwrapping gratitude through thoughtful employee gifting: boosting the workplace spirit

As the holiday season approaches, a familiar sense of warmth and camaraderie fills workplaces, making it the ideal time to celebrate your team's efforts and... READ MORE

Blooming with pride: celebrating lgbtq+ with lula’s garden

At Lula’s Garden, we believe in celebrating love, unity and the vibrant spirit of the LGBTQ+ community. As Pride month unfolds, we are honored to... READ MORE

Celebrate father’s day with lula’s garden: a gift of love and serenity

Father's Day is a time when we have the opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the remarkable dads who have shaped our... READ MORE

Lula's garden and wildbrain partner to create limited-edition strawberry shortcake gift boxes

Lula's Garden, an eco-friendly succulent plant gifting company, and WildBrain, a global leader in kids and family entertainment, have partnered to create a limited-edition gift... READ MORE

How plant delivery services make mother’s day special

A gift should be one that impacts your well-being, nourishes your body, heart, and soul. Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it’s the... READ MORE

The best valentine's day gift ideas

It is almost Valentine’s Day, the day of love, which means it’s time to start thinking about the ways you can express to your Valentine... READ MORE

How to shop for plant lovers with plant delivery

Plant lovers deserve the best products, the best succulents, and the best plants. What if all of that can be achieved by using the best... READ MORE

How to plant, grow, and care for cactus

A cactus is an incredibly popular feature in many homes, yards, and gardens. This plant is incredibly sturdy and resilient through extreme weather conditions. There... READ MORE

How to plant, grow, and care for graptopetalum

Graptopetalum is a very unique variety of succulents! This succulent variety comprises a genus with only 15 species. The graptopetalum is a cactus or succulent... READ MORE

Plant gift delivery: why succulents are right for you

The benefits of surrounding yourself with plants cannot be understated. In terms of gifts that are both beautiful and useful, plants are hands down one... READ MORE

Types of succulents: what they are and how to care for them

Succulents are known far and wide as one of the most beautiful and easy to care for plant families out there. The way that they... READ MORE

3 ways to thank your employees

Do you have staff members you want to show you appreciate them? Are you looking to boost the employee morale of your team members? It... READ MORE

How to plant, grow, and care for kalanchoe

The kalanchoe plant is a gorgeous household plant. It will make your home look bright and colorful in no time! The kalanchoe blossfeldiana comes with... READ MORE

The complete guide to types of succulents

Have you just bought your first succulent? Are you experienced with several cactus varieties but need some help on a new purchase? Well, we have... READ MORE

How to plant, grow, and care for a money plant

The Pachira aquatica, otherwise known as the money plant, is an incredibly unique house plant. A money plant is not the simplest plant to care... READ MORE

How to plant, grow, and care for gasteria

Gasteria plants are one of the most common succulents to keep as household plants. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and require... READ MORE

Unique plant gifts your friends will love

Friends make life fun. They never cease to give us so many reasons to laugh, listen, and they always provide a comforting and helpful hand... READ MORE

The complete guide to planting succulents

Plants are generally very easy to take care of, but succulents excel even more when it comes to their simplicity and elegance. They require very... READ MORE

How to plant, grow, and care for christmas cactus

The Christmas cactus is a very popular houseplant! Its blooms, stems, and leaves make it one of the most unique succulents to own. This holiday... READ MORE

How to plant, grow, and care for aeonium

Aeonium is a very special plant. There is much to learn about aeonium, how to properly care for them, how to propagate aeonium, how to... READ MORE

How to plant, grow, and care for haworthia

Haworthia succulents are so easy to care for. There are many methods in caring for haworthia. Given the many tips and tricks, haworthia remains to... READ MORE

Christmas gifts for her: unique gifts for the holidays

It’s finally here—the most wonderful time of the year! Whether you are looking to get a gift for a sister, mom, best friend, girlfriend, aunt,... READ MORE

How big do succulents grow?

The ease of taking care of succulents attracts many people to want them in their own homes or workspace. They add so much to a... READ MORE

How to improve company culture: gifting and appreciation

Few things can make or break an otherwise successful organization quite like negative company culture. Without happy employees, a company simply cannot thrive. After all,... READ MORE

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