So you've just become a proud succulent what? Never fear - the Care Guide is here! Succulents don't need much water to thrive and grow. Using the dropper provided in the Care Kit, give your new friends some water at their stems according to the suggested guidelines below:


Original Garden: 1 - 3 drops of water per plant

Deluxe Garden: 3 - 4 drops of water per plant

Square Garden: 8 - 10 drops of water evenly around the garden

Premium Garden: 12 - 15 drops of water evenly around the garden


Make sure you place the garden in a well-lit area and water your garden every 7-10 days, less frequently during damp seasons. Succulents are sturdy little guys and can tolerate droughts with ease, but be careful not to overwater as this can cause the roots to rot. The pebbles that hold the succulents in the planter do not need to be removed.


When it looks like they are starting to outgrow the box we suggest you transfer your plants to a pot with a drainage system. You can use the wooden stick provided in the kit to loosen the pebbles and remove the plants.

Our resident succulent experts can answer any questions you have - feel free to reach out to us at!