Getting a gift for your clients and employees can be hard. Not only do you want to make it unique and memorable, but you also want it to be something they will truly enjoy. Wondering why succulents are the perfect gift? From lowering stress to increasing creativity, here are 5 reasons why you should choose succulents as your business holiday gifts for your clients and employees.



  1. Creative Boost

Plants help improve your idea generation, creative problem-solving, and boost concentration! When plants are present, memory retention improved by up to 20%! Who doesn’t need a creative boost from time to time? 

  1. Stay Positive! 

Research shows that green spaces can have a positive effect on mental health and create a more positive environment by almost 40%. Show you care about your clients and go green!

  1. Calming Effect

Succulents create a relaxing and calming effect that reduces anxiety and muscle tension. When the busy season sneaks up, we bet your employees will be happy to have a succulent on their desk!

  1. Lucky Charm 

In different cultures, succulents symbolize luck and fortune. Can you think of a better way to thank your clients and employees than with a new lucky charm? We could all use some extra luck this holiday! 

  1. Memorable Gift

Succulents are highly resilient and long-lasting plants. Your clients and employees won’t need a green thumb to care for their succulent garden, and even if they are away or forget to water it for weeks, it will still thrive on their desks and be an ongoing reminder of the thoughtful gift you sent!

Celebrate the ones who help you grow with a gift that keeps on giving! 
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