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3 Ways To Thank Your Employees

3 Ways To Thank Your Employees

Do you have staff members you want to show you appreciate them? Are you looking to boost the employee morale of your team members? It can be hard coming up with ideas to express your gratitude to your employees. However, there are several ways that you can thank your employees and boost the entire office morale. 

Without further ado, Lula’s Garden has rounded up three ways to thank your employees. 

  1. Improve the Workplace and Boost Morale 

Boosting morale in the workplace is an excellent way to improve the entire culture of your company, and thank your employees. Without putting in the effort to invest in your employees, you will not experience the benefits of a healthy work environment. Employee morale is one of the greatest assets in a healthy and thriving company. Here are several strategies you can implement to boost employee morale

  • Reward their effort: Create a reward system! When goals are reached, have a reward system in place. This can include gifts, gift cards, food (such as chocolate, cookies, a bottle of wine, and other snacks and goodies), or even corporate parties. 
  • Encourage community amongst coworkers: It is highly recommended that the people who work in an office develop friendships inside and outside of the workplace. This encourages community.
  • Create a welcoming workspace: A welcoming work environment consists of open seating, artwork, and every greenery. Consider adding succulents to every desk in the office. Green plants in an office improve the environment of the workplace.
  • Give promotions: When an employee of yours performs well and meets the company’s standards, as opportunities arise, show your employees that you care about their career growth.
  • Create a family amongst colleagues: There are several morale-boosting and bonding events that can take place. You can try hosting monthly staff parties, an office exchange of staff appreciation gifts, and open seating in common areas.

There are a variety of methods to boost employee morale from top to bottom. Creating a healthy work environment is worth the investment. Your staff is worth the investment.

  1. Give Corporate Gifts and Employee Gifts

Another great method for boosting employee morale is by giving unique employee appreciation gifts. Employees deserve to be remembered and appreciated. A great way to show your appreciation is by giving your staff members a great gift!

Here are several employee appreciation gift ideas:

  • Corporate Gifts: Lula’s Garden has an amazing variety of succulent gardens you can use for corporate gifting
  • Happy birthdays: Make a note to remember every employee’s birthday! Write it down, have the entire staff wish them a happy birthday, and even give them a birthday gift.
  • Work anniversaries: Try to remember the day your employees started working for you. You can write this information down and show them you care and have appreciated their loyalty to your company. Try giving them a gift to celebrate the anniversary!
  • Employee recognition gifts: There are so many gifts to give to show your team members you appreciate them. It does not have to be a grand gesture either. Even the smallest of gifts can make someone’s day, like a coffee mug or tumbler.
  • Delicious treats: Who doesn’t like something tasty to eat? Try giving the entire office a sweet treat or a delicious provided lunch! They will appreciate the gesture and it is an easy way to show them you care. Try and do it regularly, like the first Friday of each month.
  • Gift basket: Pack a gift basket that follows a theme or celebrates an event. You can even get it delivered to their office. This will make your employees feel special and appreciated.
  • Self-care kit: Give your staff the gift of self-care. It is recommended to have designated places of relaxation in the workplace. Why not accompany this employee morale tactic with gifts to promote their own self-care? You can fill totes with things like a water bottle, pens for journaling, and other company swag for wellness.
  • Purchase subscriptions to magazines or monthly gift boxes: If you know your employees’ interests or favorite magazines, try purchasing subscriptions for them. They can be easily delivered and it shows you you appreciate them. 
  • Accessories: accessory gifts can include accessories for a desk space, jewelry, and even nice electronic accessories. 
  • Gift the entire office gifts in bulk: Try giving employee appreciation day gifts. Small gestures are necessary, but if you treat an entire day as a day of gift-giving, the entire office will feel special. It breaks the mundane work routine up and provides staff with some excitement and energy.
  • Find discounts to places to shop online or in your town: Give the gift of discount shopping for your staff’s favorite places to shop.

Giving corporate gifts does not have to be difficult. There are so many ideas for you to grab onto. Put in the effort to invest in your employees! This investment will boost employee morale.

  1. Show Your Appreciation for Your Employees

The mental health of people in the workplace is directly related to productivity. A great way to improve the mental health of your employees is by demonstrating to them how much you care, as their employer. Prioritizing their mental health is also a great way to thank them for all that they do. 

Job satisfaction, attitude, and outlook on life can all be positively impacted by the effort in showing your employees that you appreciate them. Employee appreciation gifts are a great way to do this. Morale boosting is more than just caring about improving the company. Morale boosting is about caring to genuinely invest in the lives of those who make up your company. 

Working every day, on the same schedule, can become a monotonous routine. Make work a special, safe, and encouraging place by showing your employees you care.

A great way to get a judge on employee morale is by asking your staff directly. Engage in polls and surveys to see how people feel about the work environment, how they are appreciated, and more. Once the results come back, make adjustments. Also, ask your staff directly what you can do to improve.

 Why Employee Morale Matters 

Employee morale matters for so many reasons. Without employee morale, employees lose sight of their purpose in the company and they begin to have poor attitudes about working in general. When this occurs, the drive to perform well and to succeed is significantly decreased. 

If your employees lose interest in the work they do, they will begin to underperform. Employee morale has been shown to be heavily correlated to company productivity. Additionally, with an entire company consisting of employees who have job satisfaction, the turnover rate decreases. If turnover is low, productivity is high.

Morale also improves the workplace as a collective whole. When a whole company is invested in, to boost morale, the collective attitude changes. If the collective attitude changes so does the collective environment. With this change of positivity, productivity follows. 

If morale is low, your employees will begin to disconnect from their work. If this disconnect occurs, engagement drops and so does productivity. Morale in the workplace drastically affects all those involved, including you, the employer.

Your employees and your company are with the effort of investment. 

 Thank Your Employees Often

Boosting employee morale greatly affects the productivity of your company. Create an environment amongst your staff members that is healthy, positive, and full of cheer. Promote job growth in your company, encourage the office community, and give a gift of appreciation. Your staff deserves to be shown how much you appreciate all of their hard work.

If your staff members have good morale, their engagement and desire to perform well increases. When this occurs, so does company productivity. Take the time and effort to invest in those around you and show people how much you care. Reach out to our team today to schedule your gifts!



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