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How To Plant, Grow, and Care for Kalanchoe

How To Plant, Grow, and Care for Kalanchoe

The kalanchoe plant is a gorgeous household plant. It will make your home look bright and colorful in no time! The kalanchoe blossfeldiana comes with vibrant flowers that bloom seasonally. 

Kalanchoe care is effortless and low maintenance. You will learn how to take care of kalanchoe easily and begin to watch your kalanchoe plant thrive before your very eyes. The kalanchoe plant will be a fantastic addition to your plant collection. Lula’s Garden has the info you need to plant and care for kalanchoe!

 Start Here for All You Need To Know 

The kalanchoe plant has an endless amount of interesting facts to learn. Kalanchoe plants natively grow in Madagascar. They are also considered perennial plants due to their seasonal blooms. 

The plant itself is a dark evergreen. The leaves are shaped like scallops. When the flowers bloom, they sit on top of the leaves in cluster formations. As far as a houseplant is concerned, the kalanchoe plant has a very long blooming season. 

The kalanchoe plant is a very popular house plant to purchase. It is a popular indoor plant due to its low maintenance care. There are even some varieties that have double blooms, allowing the kalanchoe plant to be a real show stopper in those indoor spaces. 

 Kalanchoe Types To Choose From 

There are over 125 different species of kalanchoe, each bringing its own unique qualities. Among the many varieties, there are some that are more popular than the rest. Here are just a few:

  • Mother of thousands (Kalanchoe daigremontiana)
  • Flower dust plant (Kalanchoe pumila)
  • Christmas tree plant (Kalanchoe laciniata)
  • Calandiva (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana)
  • Paddle plant (Kalanchoe luciae)

The kalanchoe daigremontiana can grow as tall as three feet. Its leaves are fleshy in touch but can come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. The flowers that bloom with the kalanchoe daigremontiana are shaped like bells. 

The kalanchoe pumila is another unique variation of the kalanchoe plant. This variety is much more like a shrub and only grows to about a foot tall. Its nickname “flower dust plant” is due to its leaves that are covered with tiny hairs, resembling dust. This variety in particular thrives in full or partial sun. The blooms are also seasonal, but produce the most gorgeous shade of violet. 

Another common kalanchoe variety you can find in those indoor spaces is the kalanchoe laciniata. This plant is easily spotted because of its bright, tube-shaped flowers. Additionally, this kalanchoe plant can grow as tall as three feet. This is another variety that really thrives with full sun exposure. 

The kalanchoe blossfeldiana is a very popular type of kalanchoe plant. This variety thrives indoors, as well, but will really benefit from full sun. The slowest growing for many of the kalanchoe plants, this one can take approximately five years to reach a height of 18 inches. 

This variety is also perennial and has a long blooming season, producing incredible colors in its blooms. Some varieties in the kalanchoe blossfeldiana have a double bloom, giving it a very uniquely beautiful look.

 How To Take Care of Kalanchoe 

Taking care of a flowering indoor plant has never been easier. There are few indoor house plants that require such little maintenance. 

Watering:  The kalanchoe is drought tolerant, meaning it can thrive for a long time without excessive amounts of watering. That being said, watch out for overwatering. Overwatering your kalanchoe is one of the worst things you can do for its growth. 

The soil needs to be completely dry before you try to water your plant again. If water sits, the roots will begin to rot. Also, be sure to empty the drainage tray that sits underneath the pot. If water sits in there, it can also be just as detrimental to your kalanchoe plant.

Temperature: Never let your kalanchoe plant be in temperatures below 50 degrees. For best care practices, it is also best to make sure your kalanchoe is not in temperatures above 70 degrees. They are drought-tolerant plants, but if you keep them in these conditions, they will thrive.

Light: Bright light is best. The kalanchoe plant truly thrives in bright, sunlit spaces. There are a few varieties that benefit from partial shade. For the most part, they do best in well-lit locations. If you keep your kalanchoe indoors, be diligent in keeping it in a full-sun location. 

 Tips and Tricks 

The kalanchoe plant is extremely easy to care for. However, there are many tips and tricks that can make you a kalanchoe plant parent that stands out from the rest. 

The pot you choose for your kalanchoe can make a big difference. A clay pot has been known to be the best option for your kalanchoe plant. It is also important that the pot you choose has plenty of holes for drainage. 

Reblooming techniques allow for even more flowers. After its blooming season, make sure to cut off the flowers that appear withered. After doing this, move your kalanchoe into a darker room for approximately four weeks. 

Also, reduce the amount of water you give your kalanchoe. If you follow these steps, new buds should begin to form over time. Once this happens, your kalanchoe plant can return to its usual location, in full sun.

Pests can plague your kalanchoe. Be on the lookout for this! Make sure, if this occurs, that you use natural pest remedies in order to not harm your kalanchoe. 

Propagating a kalanchoe is very easy. There is a simple method that should work every time:

  • Cut off the portion of the plant that is longer than three inches. 
  • Dry out the cut-off piece for an entire day.
  • Once dried, replant the cut-off piece in soil. The plant should begin to take root and you will have a brand new kalanchoe plant.

 Get Your Gorgeous Kalanchoe Today

Lula’s Garden understands the power of a good house plant. Kalanchoe is such a common indoor plant and incredibly easy to care for. They bloom in a variety of beautiful colors. The double blooming kalanchoe is sure to bring your home an extra pop of color. 

If you are searching for an easy plant to take care of and a plant that is effortlessly beautiful, then the kalanchoe plant is the one for you. Turn your home into a colorful, indoor show stopper. You are sure to love your kalanchoe plant. 



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