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Unique Plant Gifts Your Friends Will Love

Unique Plant Gifts Your Friends Will Love

Friends make life fun. They never cease to give us so many reasons to laugh, listen, and they always provide a comforting and helpful hand whenever we need it. The most mundane and underwhelming day can quickly become one filled with boisterous laughter and insightful conversation with a good friend. 

A sad, difficult week can be turned around with the offer of a friend’s kindhearted shoulder to cry on. In short, friends keep things interesting and keep us at our best. So how can you give a gift to a friend that is as unique and valuable as they are?

One of the best parts about giving a plant as a gift is that it is a timeless offering. Regardless of the season, occasion, or age of the recipient, it is sure to be loved and cared for. 

Whether you are looking for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, engagement gifts, bridal shower gifts, wedding shower gifts, baby shower gifts, or just a gift to remind your friend that they are always in your thoughts, a special plant gift is a perfect thing to show how much you care.

Cultivating an environment inhabited by plants has been shown to greatly elevate mood, increase focus, and make people feel more fulfilled. This is largely due to the attachment we have to our plants, and the joy we get as they continue to grow under our dutiful attention. It is also possible that we develop serotonin as a result of dealing with soil, meaning that the act of gardening and tending to our flora is profoundly meaningful to us.

Now that we understand how beneficial plants can be in our space, as well as how giving thoughtful plant gifts can make friends feel seen, let’s discuss the very best and most unique options out there.

An Incredible Succulent

Since succulents are such a significant and beautiful plant family, encompassing so many different varieties of flora, the next step becomes determining what kind of succulent is best for your friend, their lifestyle, and their preferences. Luckily, all succulents are incredibly easy to care for. Their low-maintenance nature is debatably one of their best attributes, perhaps second only to their lushness that easily elevates any room or space.

Luckily, we have both you and your friends covered. With Lula’s Garden, you can access a variety of stunning succulents and succulent gardens alike. Then, you can determine what would be best for your friend as well as the occasion for which you are gifting. 

For instance, we also have a variety of lovely and tasteful succulents available in our Baby Collection. The Baby Collection is absolutely perfect as a baby shower gift, or just as an any-time present for expecting parents.

Not only do we offer a wide variety of gorgeous and unique plant gifts, but we also make caring for our succulents a breeze. These succulents come in a stunning box that functions as a perfectly sized planter for your plant. 

This means that you will not have to think about replanting your succulent until it begins to grow and eventually becomes too large for its original planter. If this happens, great! It means that the plant has been well cared for, and has been able to thrive under diligent attention.

Giving a gift is an incredibly kind and selfless act, but giving something that is both easy to care for and effortlessly lovely is truly taking kindness to the next level. Succulents from Lula’s Garden come with a helpful eyedropper tool used to water the plant the exact right amount. 

Simply use two to four full dropper amounts near the stem of your plant every seven to 10 days. The water will sink down through the pebbles and soil to moisturize the succulent, keeping it healthy and growing.

A Cactus

As discussed, there are many different kinds of succulents out there. One of these different succulent varieties is the majestic and strong cactus. Cacti represent another subgroup of plants within the greater plant family of succulents. 

They are characterized as succulents because they absorb moisture and hold it within their stem, creating a plump and healthy-looking appearance. In order to be succulent, a plant must hold water within its body, meaning that it can survive for prolonged periods of time without much water.

All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. This will become increasingly clear as this list progresses, as we will mention many other wonderful kinds of succulents. Whereas many other varieties of succulents store their water in their thick leaves, cacti just store water in the stem. 

In fact, they do not have leaves at all. Instead, cacti have spines or scales that are more conducive to holding onto water. This is what allows them to live in desert environments so well. This biological benefit provides cacti with an advantage as houseplants as well. All succulents are simple to care for, but cacti specifically are built to survive in harsh environments and without much water.

A Grafted Cactus

Grafted cacti are of course a kind of cactus. They offer even more uniqueness than other cacti, however, as they are literally two separate cactus plants combined. 

By combining a colorful and gorgeous top cactus and a green, lush stem cactus, a healthy plant is created. This plant is inherently special and unique, just like your friend.

Aloe Vera Plants

There are many different kinds of aloe vera available, and each of them offers delightful benefits. This plant is so widely beloved as a result of the calming gel it produces. 

This gel has been known to treat psoriasis, dandruff, acne, sunburns, rashes, and more. In addition to its health benefits, aloe vera is also a stunning plant that immediately turns any room into a luscious landscape.

An Agave Plant

Yet another endlessly popular variety of succulents that makes for a meaningful gift is the lush agave plant. These plants are possibly even more colorful than many of their other succulent family members. 

There are also a wide variety of agave plants available, meaning that there is a perfect one out there for absolutely everyone. Think about your friend, their likes and dislikes, as well as the amount of space they have at their disposal. Agave plants range from big to small, and their colors can vary as well depending on the climate.

Give a Gift as Unique as They Are

Your special plant gift can also reflect your relationship with one another, as well as who you are as individuals. What are each of your preferences, and how do they mesh in regards to plants? 

Then there are some more logistical considerations. For example, how much space does your friend have available to care for their plant, and what climate do they live in? All of these factors are worth thinking about when it comes to finding plant gifts your friend will love.

By giving a plant to a beloved friend, you are showing them that they are special to you. A plant gift specifically will give them joy for a long time to come, and that is entirely a result of your thoughtful present. Just think about your friend, consider the occasion, and from there a wide variety of beautiful plant gifts are sure to come to mind.


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