Valentine's Day Collection

Green is the true color of love! Gift a garden from our Valentine's Day Collection

and watch it grow and thrive, just like your love!

Valentine's Day Gift Sets

Impress your Valentine with a Valentine's Day Gift Set! The perfect gift to show your love and appreciation!

Cupid Garden Gift Set

$ 42.00

-$ 52.00

Sweetheart Garden Gift Set

$ 40.00

-$ 50.00

Soulmates Garden Gift Set

$ 51.00

-$ 64.00

"I Love.." Garden Gift Set

$ 50.00

-$ 62.00

Darling Garden Gift Set

$ 56.00

-$ 70.00

Amour Garden Gift Set

$ 69.00

-$ 86.00

Valentine's Day Accessories

Our Valentine's Day Accessories are the perfect gift for any sweetheart and will make them feel the love!