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How To Plant, Grow, and Care For Graptopetalum

How To Plant, Grow, and Care For Graptopetalum

Graptopetalum is a very unique variety of succulents! This succulent variety comprises a genus with only 15 species. The graptopetalum is a cactus or succulent and a perennial plant. Among the 15 species are the graptopetalum paraguayense and the graptopetalum bellum. 

Both of these varieties provide extremely beneficial traits to the world at large! The graptopetalum offers far more than you can imagine. Get a graptopetalum today and learn all about this special succulent

 Get To Know Your Graptopetalum 

Let’s start at the beginning with all you need to know about the graptopetalum. This succulent variety is a treasure trove of hidden secrets and special features that other succulent plants do not offer. 

The graptopetalum can be most easily identified by its small size and adorable rosettes. The leaves are small and fleshy ranging in colors from silver and pink to green. Oftentimes the surface of the graptopetalum will even be waxy and speckled.

These plants have a very interesting native location. You can find graptopetalum in the rocky mountains of Arizona all the way to Central Mexico. 

These succulent plants are also perennials, which means they have the capacity to bloom gorgeous flowers. However, these flowers only bloom at certain times of the year. 

A fascinating feature of the graptopetalum is the saliva it produces. A specific species of graptopetalum produces saliva that has healing properties. The graptopetalum paraguayense has been studied and researched on the healing properties found within its saliva. A much more popular name for this variety is the “ghost plant.” 

 So Many To Choose From 

There are many graptopetalum varieties to choose from! This provides you, the consumer, with many options to consider when deciding which graptopetalum succulent is best for you.

The graptopetalum paraguayense offers quite an exceptional resume! With a presence in making medical history, this plant is surely going to be a unique addition to your home. Another commonly used name for the graptopetalum is the “ghost plant.” This plant can be identified by its broad, evergreen leaves. It makes for an excellent house plant given its perennial nature. 

The flowers that bloom on a ghost plant are spectacular, giving a phenomenal white bloom. The ghost plant is one of those succulents that thrive with ease. You can place this plant in partial shade or full light and it will still thrive! 

The graptopetalum bellum has a rosette consisting of very thick leaves. These leaves have a gray and green coloring. The graptopetalum produces a gorgeous pink flower when in bloom. This is a very special graptopetalum variety to own, as it is very popular to propagate and can be found in the mountainous terrain of Chihuahua, Mexico. 

Another unique variety of graptopetalum is the graptopetalum amethystinum. This plant has a brown stem but it holds a gorgeous rosette of purple and brown leaves. The graptopetalum amethystinum is a perennial that blooms red flowers that have a gray-green band and red spots. The outer surface is also grey-green.

The graptopetalum pachyphyllum is an especially unique variety of succulents. This variety has small and thick rosettes. The leaves are juicy and blue in color. Its perennial season is summer, so be on the lookout for some gorgeous blooms! The flowers produce yellow petals with unique red dots. 

The graptopetalum mendozae is a very strong succulent that can last through intense weather conditions. Its rosettes consist of fleshy and pale green leaves. In the summertime, the leaves turn into a lighter shade of green. In the springtime, this plant produces the most astounding star-shaped flowers that are white in color. Additionally, this variety of graptopetalum does better in the shade and spreads across the ground with ease. 

 How To Care for Graptopetalum 

Succulent care is so basic and so simple! Anyone can provide excellent care to their succulent plant with very little effort, and graptopetalum care is extremely similar to general succulent care. 

These adorable plants can sit right on your shelf in your house and grow before your very eyes. Just follow these simple steps and watch your succulent plant thrive.

Watering: Like most succulents, graptopetalum don’t need much water. Simply soak the soil, then wait until it has completely dried before watering it again. Avoid watering the plant itself, and focus on giving moisture directly to the soil. A well-draining pot and soil will help make sure the soil dries efficiently, reducing the likelihood of rot or pests.

Soil: As for the soil itself, graptopetalum shares its soil preferences with other succulent plants. A mixture of sand and grit, topsoil, compost, and peat will do the trick.

Light and temperature: Graptopetalum can grow tall quickly if it doesn’t get enough sunlight, so indoor plants should be placed somewhere with constant, direct sunlight. It will grow in partial shade, but it may start to look a little unkempt as it stretches.

Unlike some other succulent plants, graptopetalum prefers cooler temperatures. Not only can they tolerate frost, but they thrive between 65 and 75 degrees.

Propagating Your Graptopetalum

Graptopetalum is a very easy succulent to care for. It takes very little effort, as they are hardy and drought-tolerant plants. If you would like to propagate your graptopetalum, here are some easy steps:

  • Cut off a stem, leave, or a portion of the rosette.
  • Replant the cut-off piece into the soil.
  • Put the new cuts of plants in a shaded space and water regularly.
  • Once the new plants start taking root, give them additional water. Be mindful of overwatering.
  • After the roots are strong enough, replant the new life into its own pot.

Another feature of graptopetalum care that makes it a very easy plant to care for is that it requires no pruning. You can let your plant grow as much as you would like without fearing that its excess growth would harm the plant in any way. 

 Bring Home Your Graptopetalum Now

When looking to grow your succulent garden, the graptopetalum succulent is truly a remarkable variety! There are many shapes and sizes that it comes in. From its perennial blooms to its unique rosettes, and its contribution to the medical world, you will have a very special succulent on your hands. 

Best of all, this plant is so easy to care for. Its propagation methods allow you to multiply your graptopetalum with ease, so the fun never ends with this succulent! 

When you’re ready to start your succulent journey, Lula’s Garden has an amazing variety of succulent gardens to choose from.  


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