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Plant Gift Delivery: Why Succulents Are Right For You

Plant Gift Delivery: Why Succulents Are Right For You

The benefits of surrounding yourself with plants cannot be understated. In terms of gifts that are both beautiful and useful, plants are hands down one of the very best products to give to yourself or others. 

Having greenery and flora around as home decor has been proven to improve mood and help with concentration and memory. So no matter where you put this gift, there are many benefits to enjoy.

Clearly, there are so many advantages to having plants around, but what is the right kind of plant to give as a gift? What questions should you consider when determining what is the absolutely perfect plant gift? We are here to offer you some guidance about the best plant delivery services and why succulents are right for you.

What Kind of Plant Is the Right Gift?

When it comes to considering exactly what kind of plant is right for you or for the intended recipient of your delivered gift, it is important to think of several different factors. 

There are so many types of plants to consider, such as bonsai, orchids, money trees, a spider plant, and more. These can all make perfect plant gifts, but perhaps you need a specific plant. 

Just a few of these questions include:

  • What is the size of the plant, and how much space do you have available? 
  • What is the kind of environment where you are intending to keep your plant?
  • How simple or difficult is this plant to take care of? 
  • How could the climate of your geographic area affect the well-being of your plant (i.e are you in a big city like Los Angeles? Are you in a jungle-like climate?)
  • What color or hue of the plant would most complement your space? Different shades of green, like mint or emerald, could add to your space.
  • What benefits are you looking to get from this plant? 
  • Do you want something that has the primary advantage of improving the aesthetic appeal of your space? 
  • Are you looking for a plant that offers potential health benefits?

These questions can be a lot to consider, especially for those on the newer side when it comes to plant parenthood. Luckily, there is a family of plants out there that either answers these questions or provides an easy solution to many common plant problems. This plant family is, of course, the noble and beautiful succulent.

There Is a Perfect Succulent Out There for Everyone

The huge variety of succulents out there is immensely liberating and means that there is a perfect specific succulent for everyone. If you are looking into more medium plants, perhaps lovely and robust cacti would be up your alley. If you are looking to spruce up your balcony or garden, look into outdoor plants (note that patio plant care is different than indoor care). 

When it comes to finding the very best succulents available, it is inevitably going to depend on the person and what they are looking for. It is hard to go wrong with any of them, though, as they all share a number of characteristics that make them lush, gorgeous, and simple for new and experienced plant owners alike.

Succulents Are Delightfully Easy To Care For

Utilizing plant delivery services is one of the most convenient ways to efficiently receive beautiful flora. Once you get your plant delivered, however, what about the convenience of the plant itself? 

Some plants can be distinctly difficult to maintain, requiring constant watering, sun, and attention, like shrubs, bulbs, and flowers. On the other hand, there is the luxurious succulent. Succulents provide you just as much convenience after they are delivered as they do while they are being delivered. 

Succulents from Lula’s Garden only need to be watered every seven to 10 days, and the watering process could not be simpler. So if you water your succulent on a Friday, you don’t have to worry about remembering to water them Monday morning when you’re busy.

All you have to do is take the eyedropper tool thoughtfully included with each of your succulent purchases and fill it by squeezing the top while the tip is in a water receptacle. Then, just administer two to four full dropper amounts near the stem of your plant. It will sink through the pebbles atop the soil to reach the stem where it will be absorbed and continue to hydrate your succulents.

While this watering regimen is perfect for succulents from Lula’s Garden, there may still be times that you want some extra assurance. In that case, feel the soil around your succulent and assess how moist it is. 

If you still feel some wetness in the soil, that means that your plant has all the water it needs for now. If the soil feels dry, that means it is likely time to rewater your plant. Give your succulent all the water it needs, but take care not to overwater. These are some easy tips and tricks to remember when caring for your succulent!

Other than watering, succulents require a certain amount of indirect sunlight. Roughly six hours of this form of light a day will keep your plant happy and healthy. By following these plant-parenting tips, even those who consider themselves succulent novices can be turned to plant care experts in no time. If you live in a sunny place, such as California, be careful to not give your succulent too much sun.

Succulents from Lula’s Garden come in beautiful ivory boxes that also function as aesthetically pleasing planters. These planters are perfect in your space as they make for a lovely minimalistic statement piece. At the same time, they also make indoor plant care even simpler because this planter will wonderfully house your succulent until it eventually grows out of it. At that point, it will be time to search for good pots for succulents. 

Look for a pot with some extra space as your succulent continues to grow, and find one with drainage holes built in to help your plant get all the moisture it needs while still being able to get rid of any unnecessary extra.

What Are the Right Occasions To Have a Plant Delivered as a Gift?

Since plants are a gift that are as lovely as they are timeless, there is no limit to the occasions that could call for thoughtful plant gifts. From a dear friend’s birthday to a loved one’s anniversary to wedding showers to baby showers and more, indoor plants are one of the best gifts available, and succulents are among the best indoor plants in the game.

Succulents also make for a wonderful gift to commemorate professional accomplishments as well as personal ones. For instance, years of hard work culminating in an incredibly well-deserved promotion warrants a present, as would obtaining a coveted new job. 

Placing a plant in your workspace is of course a good idea because it elevates your space, centering and calming you. At the same time, though, surrounding yourself with flora creates a more productive environment. These benefits can be enjoyed anywhere, but placing a succulent proudly on your desk is perhaps the best way to reap its full rewards.

Whether the recipient chooses to keep their new greenery in their office, their bedroom, the window sill in their living room, or somewhere else important to them, know that they will cherish their new gift, and think of you fondly whenever they pass by it. Succulents are among the best plants because they are so versatile, both in terms of their care and where they can be placed to upgrade your space.

By Delivering a Succulent, You Deliver a Smile

There are so many fantastic opportunities over the course of the year to give a meaningful and significant gift. Gifts make people feel appreciated, recognized, and cared for, so they can strengthen relationships tremendously. By giving someone the gift of a plant, you give them a beautiful specimen that they can keep wherever they might need a boost in their day. 

There are still ways to make the present even more thoughtful. By having the plant delivered right to the recipient’s home, you are providing a convenience that cannot be matched. 

This adds another layer to the gift altogether. This way, the receiver does not have to go out to a nursery or deal with the hassle of transporting this plant back and forth. Giving a plant is a gesture that is sure to be appreciated, and the addition of having it delivered makes it even more meaningful.


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