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Why Sustainable Gifting Matters

Why Sustainable Gifting Matters

Giving a gift is one of the most selfless acts we can perform for one another, but there is a way to make the act even more selfless. By giving a present that thoughtfully considers both the recipient as well as the environment, you are making a statement that will last for a long time to come. 

Shopping for sustainable products and patronizing sustainable stores are crucial to the Earth’s longevity, as 100 companies have been found to be responsible for 71% of all industrial emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. That figure is staggering, but it also only applies to energy companies. 

When you add in corporations that produce food, clothes, necessities, and any other goods in an unsustainable fashion, that number becomes even more tremendous and overwhelming.

The large responsibility that corporations hold for the state of climate change today is crucial to saving our environment, but it does not change that there is personal responsibility at play here too. There are everyday choices that we as individuals can make to help the future of our planet, and it is quite possible that there is not a single cause more important right now.

Combating Climate Change

In short, climate change is a change in the global temperature, affecting the severity and frequency of extreme weather from tropical storms to wildfires to floods and much, much more. 

These alterations occur because of the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which can happen through many different ways that people create and use energy. For instance, the fuel burned from driving cars and trucks accounts for nearly one-fifth of the overall greenhouse gas emissions in America.

Since so much of what we do emits harmful gases without us even noticing, it begs the question: what can we do to stop it? For one, we can use things mindfully and be careful not to waste. Trash ends up polluting our oceans and landfills, making an environment that is both inhospitable to wildlife and emits dangerous methane into the atmosphere. By using only what we need, and being careful to only purchase products that do no harm to the environment, we help preserve the earth.

What Makes a Product Sustainable?

In order to be sustainable, a product has to have been made without doing any harm to the environment, through every stage of its production cycle. This means that the product cannot be made of any nonrenewable materials, and has to be made in a socially responsible way

Generally speaking, products that contain certain materials will not be sustainable. Be aware that if sustainable shopping and sustainable gifting are priorities to you, you will likely want to avoid anything containing:

  • Any form of microplastics. These are small pieces of plastic that can harm marine life and our oceans.

  • Plastic that does not explicitly state it has been upcycled. This means that it is likely single-use, and will be quickly discarded, but continue to pollute the planet forever.

  • Products with an abundance of unnecessary packaging that cannot break down naturally in a landfill.

There are a variety of ways that individuals can make meaningful changes in their lifestyle to make it more sustainable including cutting down on single-use plastic and buying biodegradable, recyclable, or compostable products. Both of those are necessary steps to gifting sustainably, as without them a product will remain polluting our environment for generations.

A Gift for Them and for the Environment

Now that we have established what exactly sustainability is and how a gift can obtain the noteworthy title, let’s get into a gift that is a treat for both the recipient and the environment alike. Sustainable gifts are all about returning to what is natural, and what could be more natural than a beautiful plant?

Having houseplants allows us to bring a piece of nature into our homes, and this has multiple benefits. A houseplant simultaneously connects us with our surrounding environment, making us feel more at peace. At the same time, houseplants also have the power to possibly purify our air, improving allergies and breathing. Clearly, the joys of surrounding oneself with plants are plentiful, so what is the very best flora you can give to someone you care about?

To many, the answer to that question is the beautiful succulent. Succulents are renowned for being equal parts stunning to look at and streamlined to take care of. The addition of a succulent to a room quickly transforms it into a fresh and lush space, bursting with life. 

The recipient can choose to put their sparkling new plant in their bedroom, living room, at the office, or anywhere else that they would like an extra dose of tranquility throughout their day. Regardless of where they decide to place their succulents, you can be confident that you have improved their space in a meaningful way.

So there is clearly an abundance of positives to giving a succulent to someone you care about, as one will significantly elevate their mood as well as their surroundings. Luckily, giving a plant specifically from Lula’s Garden has even more upsides to offer. 

These lovely succulents come in a box that also functions as their planter, greatly minimizing any and all waste created by the packaging. Every part of this gift is meaningful and deliberate, contributing to an overall presentation that will be remembered for many years ahead. Whenever the recipient looks at your thoughtful and sustainable gift, they will think of your kindness and consideration.

Where You Spend Your Money Matters

As we have mentioned, corporations are largely responsible for the current state of the climate, but personal responsibility is still a substantial factor in the fight to preserve our planet. Other than taking steps like carpooling, eating less meat, and cutting down on single-use plastic, one of the ways we can positively impact our climate the most is through being mindful of what stores we buy from.

The saying “money talks” is especially relevant in this situation, as using our money to buy only what we need, and to purchase from shops that operate with sustainability in mind sends a distinct message. Without doing research, it is easy to simply continue to consume as we always have, without care and without paying attention to the greater impact of our actions.

By looking into environmentally and socially responsible companies, however, we show similar companies that this is the way of the future. In order to keep up with the times and appeal to modern consumers, companies must operate in a sustainable fashion. They must cut down on their use of plastic, fossil fuels, and all nonrenewable resources. In turn, they must create shipping methods that are less harmful to the environment, and greatly reduce the amount of damage they do.

Sustainable Gifting and Our Future

Becoming more sustainable as a society is perhaps our very best chance at reducing the damage done to our climate. Every decision counts in preserving the earth, so gifting something that is eco-conscious is an important and worthwhile step in helping the planet. 

Not only is buying products created by sustainable means a good way to do no harm to the environment in the short term, but patronizing those companies will tell larger corporations that they must work with the environment in mind.

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