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How To Thank Your Clients For The Holidays

How To Thank Your Clients For The Holidays

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to show people how much you care about them, and your clients (especially new clients) should be no exception to that. After all, without them and your employees, there would be no business in the first place. 

With that in mind, it is always important to show your clients and customers how much they are valued, and a thoughtful gift can be just the thing to send that message. So what are appropriate and appreciative gift ideas that will show your clients that they are seen and recognized?

Lula’s Garden has the best corporate gift and unique gift ideas. Let’s dive in!

A Gorgeous Succulent Garden

For many, the winter represents a time of beauty, but not necessarily a time with much plant growth. This lack of foliage can be disheartening for some, making it the absolute perfect time to introduce the lovely and low-maintenance gift of a succulent garden. The middle of the winter can be dark, so giving a light and cheery plant could be just the pick-me-up a client is looking for in their space. 

Since succulents are so easy to take care of, they make for an excellent houseplant in the winter. Succulents require about six hours of sunlight per day, which is still perfectly manageable during the shortest days of the year. Whether your client looks at their succulent as a new companion, or just a gorgeous piece of decor to take their space to the next level, they are sure to garner a great deal of enjoyment from it over the course of the winter, and for many seasons to come.

Luckily, Lula’s Garden makes unique corporate gifts. We have a variety of both succulents and succulent gardens to choose from. Depending on your relationship with the client, you can choose one succulent, three succulents, premium gardens, or even a personalized garden emblazoned with the recipient’s initials. While each of these options makes for an unforgettable and meaningful present, a branded garden with your company logo adds an extra level of customization that your client is sure to enjoy every time they look at their succulent garden. It might even get you a referral for another client as a bonus!

Write Them a Heartfelt and Genuine Note

Regardless of what other gift you may or may not get for your clients, a heartfelt and handwritten note always goes a long way in conveying your appreciation. Beyond even an email or another kind of typed message, something that you thoughtfully took the time out of your day to write with a traditional pen and paper is even more meaningful, which is why it makes for one of the best corporate gifts.  

The content of the note is not even as important, as long as it is handwritten. That said, if the content is personalized and considerate, the note will go from good to great and will help to foster an ongoing and deeply positive business relationship, and that’s something you can’t purchase. 

Give Them a Gift in Accordance With the Season

Gifts always make people feel appreciated and cared for, so they make for an excellent way to show clients that they are in your thoughts. In fact, the process of giving a present is actually deeply meaningful for both the gift-giver as well as the recipient. Finding the exact right present for each client can be a bit tricky, though. Here are some recommendations on holiday gifts that will start both of your holiday seasons off right.

A Minimalist Menorah

The winter is a time of joy and renewal for all, but it is also a time of holidays and celebrations for many. By giving a gift that reminds them of their upcoming festivities, not only will they get excited about the occasion, but it will also cause them to associate some of that joy with you and your company. For Jewish clients or anyone who celebrates Hanukkah, consider giving them a tasteful menorah to commemorate the season. 

This present would certainly be best if given prior to the holiday rather than after, so be sure to search when Hanukkah is taking place that year as the exact date changes. The holiday is a bit earlier this year, so in 2021 Hanukkah’s eight nights will span from November 28th through December 6th.

A Beautifully Decorated Kinara

For clients who celebrate Kwanzaa, the gift of a thoughtful kinara may be very much appreciated. A kinara is a candle holder that holds seven candles to commemorate the week of Kwanzaa. If getting a gift for a client that is based around the holidays, it is always important to consider their traditions. This year Kwanzaa will take place from December 26th, 2021 through January 1st, 2022. 

Christmas Ornaments With Your Company Logo

If giving a gift to Christmas-celebrating clients, an ornament to go on their tree might be just perfect. This is a great way to add to their holiday joy and remind them you care, while in no way stealing the spotlight from their tree. Your ornament is an enhancement, so consider enhancing it further by adding your company’s logo, name, or another customized message.

A Snowman Kit

This gift is sure to be a hit, especially for your clients who have children and live in snowy climates. This is a present that will provide happy memories for years to come, and is also entirely secular in nature. 

For those who celebrate winter holidays and for those who do not, the season should still be a time of joy and gratefulness. With a completely non-denominational snowman kit, you can remind them of the innocence and beauty of the wintertime, without bringing to mind any specific holidays.

A Bottle of Wine

As opposed to the childlike joy of a snowman kit, a bottle of wine explores some more mature joys. Giving a client an elegant bottle of wine again shows your appreciation, but also sends a message of self-care and indulgence. Whether they cook with it or use it to enjoy a warm night-in on the couch, they will certainly think of you fondly. You can pair it with fruit baskets or gift boxes of chocolate, or artisan products such as charcuterie and cheese boards. 

A Winter-Themed Gift Basket

When in doubt, everyone loves snacks. Even more importantly, everyone loves snacks that remind them of the season. A gift basket or custom box filled with winter-themed delights is a wonderful way to show clients that you care. Treats like candy canes, hot chocolate, and cinnamon pastries will all go over especially well this time of year. Make sure to include coffee mugs with your business name on them!

Offer Special Deals to Your Most Valued Clients

In addition to giving gifts, another way to appreciate your clients is by offering them seasonal deals on your own products. This way, your clients will know that they are valued, but the benefits don’t stop there. 

A special discount makes clients significantly more likely to buy, and during a season that is all about giving, that might just make your company’s products a new go-to gift. From there, word of mouth will spread, and that simple deal could translate into a great deal of business going forward.

Other Last Minute Creative Client Gifts

If you’re running behind, here’s a quick list of alternative ideas that make a perfect choice in last-minute gifts:

  • Noise cancellation headphones and a portable charger
  • Tickets to a sports game, concert, or entertainment 
  • Lodging at a hotel for your client and their spouse
  • A cookbook with a delicious recipe inside
  • Lavender spa gifts
  • A donation to your client’s favorite charity 
  • Business cards
  • Something related to their specific hobbies
  • Items with company branding, custom design, or engraving 

Celebrate the Season of Giving

The holidays are a time for joy and acknowledgment, which are two things that clients should always feel while interacting with your company. By really going the extra mile and giving a gift that feels personal and thoughtful, you can continue your business relationship for years to come. It’s simply a better way to do business. 

Think about your individual client and what may be most meaningful to them. Whether they are a child-at-heart or a wine enthusiast, there is a perfect gift out there that balances both your professional relationship and your appreciation. Your client’s faces will light up when they see how much thought and consideration you put into a single item that makes all the difference!


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